Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Manifesto

I’ve pretty much given up on electoral politics as a way to effect meaningful change.  The way I see it, both parties are hopelessly corrupt, wholly-owned subsidiaries of powerful elites, and there’s not much difference between Democrats and Republicans on any issues of importance.  Both parties are dedicated to big government, predatory regulations, endless war and empire, corporate welfare, insane levels of military spending, and the redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle classes upward to the wealthiest and most powerful elites – the banksters, Wall Street parasites, and multinational corporations who have long ago divested themselves of any loyalty to America.

I myself am a registered Republican, only so that I could vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 primary.  He is one of a very few politicians I respect, along with his son Rand, Pat Buchanan, and on the Democratic side, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Al Franken, Mike Gravel and Barbara Lee.  I see these people as men and women of integrity and even though I disagree with all of them on some issues, I believe they are true patriots who are working for the best interests of this country.  The rest of them, as far as I am concerned, could be dumped in a huge pit and covered with raw sewage topped off with molten lead, and the country would be better off.

I refuse to use the terms “conservative” or “liberal.”  I think that these terms have been so abused and debased in what passes for our national political discourse as to render them meaningless.  If I had to label myself, the most accurate term I would use would be “libertarian”, although with a small “l” (the Libertarian Party is just as compromised and ideologically polluted as the Republicans and Democrats).

But even the word “libertarian” is to a certain degree inaccurate to describe my views.  I approach politics from a Christian perspective, which I interpret as standing up for the poor, the oppressed and disenfranchised and being true to the principles of rigorous honesty and integrity  in all of this nation’s affairs.

I have the utmost respect for traditional conservatives.  I have no respect whatsoever for so-called “neoconservatives”, who are not conservative at all, but whose ideology is derived from a long line of “former” Communists (Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Lucianne Goldberg) who, in my opinion, never really renounced the Communist ideology, just made a different assessment as to where power lies.  These people still adhere to Leninist principles of deception, the end justifies the means, breaking eggs to make omelets, and, above all else, loyalty to the Party, whether it be the Communist Party, the Republican Party, or whatever other vehicle they might find useful at the moment to advance the only principle they truly value – the acquisition of absolute power.  These people have lied us into war, destroyed our civil liberties, and have basically defecated on everything that was good and pure about this country.  The immorality and lawlessness they unleashed under Bush has become the new normality under Obama.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, indeed.

I respect those who wear the uniform – if they earn my respect.  I have deep admiration for military heroes such as General Smedley Butler, the most decorated general in U.S. history, who singlehandedly foiled a fascist plot to overthrow the government during the Roosevelt (Franklin) administration, whose essay “War is a Racket” exposed the fraud of wars of conquest waged around the turn of the century, when vicious and dishonest leaders like Roosevelt (Theodore) began the destruction of our (formerly) great republic which history has shown time and again is a necessary consequence of becoming an empire.  I respect others like Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski (Ret.) who refused to go along with the neocons’ shameless deception in the buildup to the monstrous war crime known as the invasion of Iraq.  Also General  William Odom, Lt. Ehren Watada, Sgt.  Adam Kokesh, Kevin Benderman, Ethan McCord, Josh Steiber, Bradley Manning, and all others who had the courage to speak out and/or take action against the crimes of our government in waging these indefensible wars of aggression.

I have no respect whatsoever for  kiss-ups like Petraeus,  McChrystal, or James “killing people is fun” Mattis.  In my opinion, these men have disgraced our nation and recklessly endangered our troops as well as our civilian population by their utter contempt for international law and our Constitution.  Their only loyalty is to their own career advancement and they don’t give a rat’s ass about what is good for our country or the rest of the world.  They are vile sociopaths who should be thrown into the same pit with the politicians I referenced earlier.

I think that U.S. support for the terrorist state of Israel will go down in history as one of the worst crimes of our government as well as incomprehensibly self-destructive behavior that has harmed our nation like nothing else.  Israel is a nation that was born in terrorism, that glorifies its own terrorists, and brutalizes anyone who gets in the way of its expansionist agenda, fueled by endless orgies of murder, theft and vandalism.  Israel is a nation that has never missed an opportunity to stab the United States in the back.  It has attacked our ship (U.S.S. Liberty), initiated false-flag terrorist attacks against United States citizens (the Lavon affair), and repeatedly has been caught red-handed stealing our most sensitive military secrets and selling them to our enemies.  In my opinion, supporting Israel is an act of treason and a moral disgrace.

I think that with all the huge problems facing our nation, worrying about a few Mexicans sneaking across the border to pick fruit or bus tables is like swatting at mosquitoes while the Titanic is sinking.  The real threat to our economy does not come from illegal immigrants, it comes from allowing self-interested elites with no loyalty to the American people to export our jobs in massive numbers to third-world countries.  I see the demonization of illegal immigrants as a (thus far successful) attempt to distract Americans from very real threats to our well-being and to use the age-old tactic of divide and conquer.  More importantly to me, I see it as immoral and anti-Christian oppression of the powerless, the very people Christ exhorted us to honor and treat with compassion.  “As ye do unto the least of thy brethren, ye do unto me.”  Ditto for the current fashion of demonizing Muslims.  May stinking scum like Newt Gingrich, Leonard Peitkoff, Pamela Geller, Glenn Beck and the useless bimbo from Alaska, who foment hatred to advance their own worthless careers, be fitted with millstones around their necks and cast into the sea.

This is the truth as I see it.


  1. Not sure the milstone thing is exactly Christian, but otherwise, with you all the way.

  2. You're right. I get carried away sometimes.