Thursday, December 16, 2010


There is a special place in hell
For those who live in mansions
And drink 12-year old scotch
Who casually mention their Porsches and their yachts
While the widows and orphans
Who they cheat to get rich
Sleep in piss and vomit stained gutters
Get raped in the street

There is a special place in hell
For the country club scammers
The robots who sign
The shills who backdate, and recreate, who lie and steal and falsify
And the judges who enable them
With a wink of an eye

If Christ were in the courtroom
On the rocket docket
They would be tossed outside so fast
their heads would spin
Millstones breaking judges' limbs
Files and notes and pieces of femurs
Jutting from Brooks Brothers suits
At strange angles

May all these nice churchgoing souls
Who rubber-stamp mammon
shriek and writhe and burn in hell
With the rest of the scum like themselves
To keep them company.

May their mansions give way to prison cells
May they burn in the lowest realms of hell
May their skin be scorched till it rots from the bone
May the judges who legitimize this farce suffer a fate
That makes Auschwitz look like a Sunday school picnic.

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